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When you have problems, we have solutions tailored to  the specific circumstances, using evidence based assessments and interventions

MindEase Solutions is committed to providing individuals, businesses and the legal system with the best assessment and intervention services.

LGBTQ video therapy


Therapy services in office or on-line via secure video is available to help improve daily functioning and address mild to moderate mental health and substance abuse issues.

forensic evaluation


We provide court ordered forensic evaluations to help determine parental fitness, psychological parent, substance abuse issues, criminal risk and responsibility, and appropriateness for alternative sentencing.

Business Conference


As an employer or employee, there are ways to improve the work culture and climate you spend the majority of your waking hours in.  We offer dynamic solutions to most workplace issues

Thoughts - How we think about an event or situation affects how we feel and then behave.

Emotions - What we feel as a result of our thinking affects our behaviors

Behaviors - Our behaviors are determined by our thoughts and feelings. 


Marlinton, West Virginia                                                                      

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