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What is video therapy?

Video therapy is therapy sessions that you can access from your home or other locations (like while travelling) using a secure video application.  You are meeting live with the therapist on the other end from wherever you are.  It does require good internet, and a computer with audio/visual capabilities or a smartphone.  Most insurances now accept video therapy as equal in service to in office face-to-face therapy. 

How does video therapy work?

When you sign up for video therapy services, we send a video invitation to your email address, and when it is time for your appointment, you click on that link and it connects you to the therapist for your session.  The therapist can share documents with you or articles, and the service is HIPAA compliant.

Why would I consider video therapy?

Convenience - have your session in a location you are comfortable in

Travel - You can save on travel time and expenses if therapy services are difficult to access

Variety - By utilizing video therapy, your choices in provider can be expanded all across the state

Weather - Bad weather doesn't have to interfere with your therapy sessions any more!

January 01, 2020

What about online platforms?

Another option is online therapy platforms such as Betterhelp and Talkspace, of which Angela is currently a provider.  These sites use a subscription based platform and utilize texting, telephone, and video therapy options in an easy to use online platform. 

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