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Forensic Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations

We provide comprehensive forensic evaluations for West Virginia Circuit Courts in the following areas:
Criminal Responsibility
Risk Assessment
Fitness to Parent
Sentencing Recommendations
Sexual Offender
Transfer to Adult Status
Child Abuse/Neglect
Violence Risk

We provide psychological evaluations to help determine psychological conditions, impairments and environment factors that include consideration of the impact of substance abuse, and how that impacts the psycho-legal question at hand. We provide concise and easy to understand recommendations.  We are willing to travel to you for these evaluations and have provided expert testimony in numerous West Virginia courts.

Sexual Offender Assessment and Treatment

We have ten years' experience providing risk assessments to sexual offenders and providing court ordered treatment to offenders who have been incarcerated or are facing incarceration.  We use a combined risk-responsivity/relapse prevention approach to interventions.  Our goal is to reduce risk of of offenders committing new sexual offenses.  Ms. Hoffman was an instrumental contributor to the current treatment intervention program provided within West Virginia Division of Corrections.  Ms. Hoffman has provided over fifty diagnostic evaluations of sexual offenders assessing risk and amenability to treatment/willingness to change.

Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

We provide pre-employment psychological evaluations for law enforcement officers, which is a specialized examination to determine whether a public safety applicant meets the minimum requirements for psychological suitability mandated by jurisdictional statutes and regulations, as well as any other criteria established by the hiring agency.  In most jurisdictions, the minimum requirements for psychological suitability are that the applicant be free from any emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the performance of safety-based duties and responsibilities and be capable of withstanding the psychological demands inherent in the prospective position.

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