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Individual Therapy

We use individual therapy utilizing a cognitive behavioral model to address thought patterns that have a negative effect on functioning.  Additionally, we focus on remaining more fully in the present, that is-using mindfulness to identify and address stressors, feelings of inadequacy, loss. etc.    By changing perspective, we can often free the logjam in our emotional well-being.  We use empowerment of self to create a change process.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is utilized in office to help families address dysfunction within the family unit.  This may be due to substance abuse, death, behavioral issues, mental illness in a parent, lack of parenting skills, or general apathy.  Non-traditional family structures face unique challenges including parental role changes, splitting, parent alienation, blended families, etc.  We generally utilize a strength based approach and seek to find what is working and grow and strengthen these skills first.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy involves working with both partners to identify the underlying issues creating stress and strife in the relationship.  Couples often seek therapy when communication has broken down, one or both are feeling unappreciated and taken for granted, and intimacy has faded.  Through individual interviews and therapy sessions with the couple, these issues can often be resolved and harmony and intimacy be restored to the relationship.  We strongly encourage couples to seek therapy services prior to considering other life altering changes such as separation or divorce.

Trauma Focused Therapy

Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy is a specific form of CBT targeted at alleviating the uncomfortable and intrusive side effects of past traumas.  This approach focuses on identification of specific thought patterns around the abuse that create anxiety and panic or helplessness/hopelessness and the working to "rewire" the thought processes around the trauma, thereby reducing symptoms and restoring a better quality of life..

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