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Meet Angela Hoffman

Angela Hoffman, MA Licensed Psychologist, WV #1063

​Angela grew up in Virginia and West Virginia, the daughter of a first generation college graduate.  She attended West Virginia University where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology.  After working  for a couple of years providing in-home clinical services to teenagers at risk of out of home placement, she enrolled at Marshall University in the Diagnosis and Intervention Master of Arts program in Psychology.  She interned with some of the leading psychologists in West Virginia at the time.  Her research was focused on frontal lobe functioning in children and adolescents. ​Once obtaining her advanced degree, life took Ms. Hoffman away from West Virginia for the next seven years.  During that time, she resided in and gained valuable professional experience in North Carolina, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.  She has worked in residential and community settings, as well as correctional settings.  Ms. Hoffman returned to West Virginia in 2006.  She is a Qualified Forensic Evaluator since 2015 for Competency &Criminal Responsibility, Sex Offender and Parental Fitness. She is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. ​


Marlinton, West Virginia                                                                      

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