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Substance abuse assessments

We can provide substance abuse assessments to help determine and identify the specific substance abuse issues and whether an inpatient or outpatient treatment program is most appropriate.  We can help facilitate an inpatient placement if needed, and work with the inpatient program to ensure that you have follow-up outpatient therapy upon release.  Statistics show that the longer an individual is in therapy, the longer they remain clean and sober without relapse. 

Outpatient substance abuse treatment groups

Substance abuse treatment is often found to be most effective in a group setting.  Since substance use and abuse often occurs in a social setting, it makes sense that substance abuse treatment also be social.  Additionally, because of the need for accountability, a group setting is ideal for the portion of treatment that is addressing the addiction behaviors and pitfalls of sobriety. 

Outpatient individual substance abuse therapy

Individual substance abuse therapy is helpful because there are often significant underlying emotional and mental health issues that need to be addressed for long term success.  Clients who have become addicted to a substance often also have a mental health issue such as a mood or anxiety disorder.  Ideally, an individual who is participating in an outpatient substance abuse treatment program will engage in both individual and group therapy sessions. 

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